Anyone can help when there is everything readily available. But only a MASTER can help you in achieving what seems IMPOSSIBLE out of NOTHING.

Hello there!

I know you are awesome from the inside. You have one life to live and I see that you are making the most out of it! But your body is your most important asset and the only medium through which you can achieve all your dreams and goals. Without a fit and healthy body, how do you think you can focus on living your best life?

I specialize in helping college students, young men and women often with families and kids and part/full-time desk jobs to get in incredible shape while still doing all of the things they love.

Are you ready to match your outside with your inside? I am here for you. My mission and vision are my constant inspirations to help you.

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So what do I offer you?

Before we start, a detailed questionnaire will be sent to you so that I will know all the necessary details to chalk a plan for you

Based on your preferences, a copy of workout routine will be sent to you

If you are interested in knowing about Nutrition, and want help with that as well, a Diet Plan will also be sent to you over email.

I can coach you in three ways-

  1. One on one – I’ll be giving you a live demo of what kind of exercises are to be done and also make sure you are doing them in the right way. I also train clients over Skype who are in other countries or are far away from my place
  2. Email- I can also give you the solutions to you over an email where I can write a separate customized schedule for you with pictures (or videos) of the exercises for easy grasp
  3. Phone- you can call me at any point of time asking me solutions to your problems
Why can you trust me?
  • My vision is to help build a fitter and a healthier world. You are a part of my vision. So this enhances my purpose of training you
  • I was once a student and a corporate employee as well. So I know how your life is right now. But I used to stay fit and healthy even then.
  • My solutions are the best in the market, contemporary, and I genuinely care about you reaching your fitness goals
  • My trials of learning have spanned for over a decade and I have seen how inaccurate most of the solutions offered over the internet and in person are, especially for the beginners. I have come through that stage and I still remember the needs and capacity of a beginner. So if you are a newbie to all this, you are in safe hands. If you already have an idea on fitness, your results under my training will go to next level.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me immediately to start living a healthy and fit life from NOW!

Coach me NOW!