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Which Workout Program is right for you? Take the Quiz!

Every now and then we hear of a new workout trend and many programs which sprout out of each. With the plethora of options, it’s often overwhelming to choose the right workout program. This quiz will delve deeper and make… Continue Reading →

Think you’re cut out for HIIT? Take this QUIZ

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of every other type of training which may or may not be suitable for you and your fitness goals. Choosing the right type of training is the first step in achieving the… Continue Reading →

What’s your Fitness IQ? Take this QUIZ!

This quiz will help you in determining your Fitness IQ levels so that it can help you in developing your knowledge about Fitness and Health and get your results faster. made here Good Luck! To your Health and Fitness, Ravi… Continue Reading →

How strength training can make you lean and strong

The one activity that cuts fat, builds muscle, boots metabolism, reduces the risk of heart attack, strengthens bones and improves sexual appeal is STRENGTH TRAINING. Not just these it does a lot more things which we will see later. Today youth… Continue Reading →

How to prevent Sciatic Nerve pain at Home

Sciatic Nerve is a major nerve extending from the lower end of the spinal cord down the back of the thigh, and dividing above the knee joint. It is the nerve with the largest diameter in the human body and sciatic… Continue Reading →

10 Bizarre Ways Sex can make you a Better Person

Since early man times, the art of love making (sex) has meant different things for different regions and cultures. For some people it is magical and for others it is purely physical and a form of pleasure. Few people also… Continue Reading →

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